What is AMT Technology – the technology behind Foliomax®?

AMT stands for Advanced Micronization Technology.

Today in agriculture there is a problem with the optimal delivery and bioavailability of minerals to maintain plant health. There is a real need for products and solutions that could increase yields and that are at the same time safe and effective in combating various plant diseases, and help and support the plants in resisting aggressive external environments and harsh natural conditions. At the same time, the natural origin of such products and their harmlessness to the environment is of great importance.

Since 2004, AMT has developed interesting agricultural and zootechnic solutions coming from the research of different European laboratories. The team of AMT is composed of scientists and professionals who want to promote and enable lasting agriculture. Their job was and is, to set up the necessary research to improve agricultural products with agronomic and environmental added value.

The invention of a new micro-grinding technology (AMT), which is the subject of an international patent, allowed the creation of a unique new product – Foliomax®, made of calcite which acts on vegetal physiology.

Calcium Carbonate, the major constituent in Foliomax®, is an extensively used addition to counterbalance soil acidity that offers abundant calcium (Ca) to the plants for absorption as a nutrient. In our case and with the help of AMT technology, we micronized the limestone and thus found a useful value even for the vegetation itself .

Foliomax®, is a natural mineral powder that is obtained from calcite by tribomechanical activation (AMT) in a process that is unique worldwide. Through a special proprietary technological process, calcite of sedimentary and marine origin is mechanically crushed down to the micro level.

Foliomax® is a foliar plant growth enhancer that acts on plant reinforcement and the activation of primary and secondary metabolisms. It favors a better resistance of the plant against biotic and abiotic stresses. Moreover, it improves the quality and yield of cultivation, while the environment is always respected.

Foliomax®’s AMT technology helps in achieving a particle size between 3 – 10 μm. Mineral particles are reduced to micron size, allowing nutrients to easily pass into plant cells. As a result of AMT, the mineral particles are more reactive –  after colliding with each other without any chemical reaction being involved. Therefore, the surface of the particles are extremely irregular and fragmented; this changes the properties of the contact surface, destabilizes the mineral structure, and thus as mentioned increases mineral reactivity and solubility.

How is Foliomax® used/applied to plants?

Foliomax® is mixed with water and sprayed on the green leaves of the plants where it is efficiently dissolved on the leaf surface and passes the cuticular membrane through areas with weakened hydrophobic interactions. Nutrients such as calcium and orthosilicic acid penetrate through cells, which results in a significant increase in cellular calcium and silicon levels. High bioavailability of nutrients to plants is assured. Foliomax® is applicable to all plants which have developed leaves

Particles of Foliomax® when sprayed on the vegetation, also land on the ground, where they also have a positive effect, as micronized calcium affects the pH of the soil faster and more effectively than limestone alone.

AMT technology also helps to separate the impurities such as chemicals and metals residue, so they are removed from the finished product. Foliomax® is free from contamination and all sorts of pollutants such as Chlorides and Nitrates.

Experimentations made in France and many European countries, in China and South America showed that Foliomax® has a strong potential as an innovative solution for the development of lasting agriculture.

Foliomax® is a 100 % natural product, no polluting, made of calcite microparticles.

Foliomax® is prepared from the Limestone that exists as a common sedimentary rock in several geologic repositories.

In the two pictures, you can see a comparison of raw calcite and Foliomax®. In the left picture, you can see raw calcite under 25 times magnification. In the right picture, you can see Foliomax®, this time under 250 times magnification. The difference in particle size is huge.

                           25 x magnification                                     250 x magnification